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A friend of Romania – Rodger

Rodger is a Brit and he is living in Romania since 2004.
He is married to a Romanian and together they run a B&B in Campulung Muscel.
He admits that it is probably true to say he is a friend of Romania, and for the foreseeable future will be staying here.

Rodger shared some thoughts with us:

The country itself is very beautiful once you get outside of the cities and the people are very hospitable. It can be an excellent place to start a business. The down side of course is the negative and stupid mentality of the bureaucracy. The drivers are less than competent in too many cases.!

If anyone would like info or assistance directly from Rodger then please get in contact he invites you to contact him. Simply click on our LinkedIn group link on the right, join our group and then you will be able to find Rodger in the member list and connect with him.

As Rodger and his friends are motorbikers, any one wanting to ride to Campulung and be amongst friends and like minded 2 wheelers, they will be delighted to see or hear from you.

“Enjoy Romania, it does have a lot to offer.”
Best wishes from Rodger & Lili.

You can visit Rodger’s homepage by visiting http://www.visionsofromania.co.uk

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