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Promote your business here

… and it gets featured in front of more than 2000 members of our LinkedIn group.

We’ve decided to enable this method to allow group members as well as non-members to display their business opportunities, as well as promotions and advertised products and services. This way the information will be featured through a RSS feed in a more specific area of the LinkedIn group, leaving more space for actual “discussions” in the LinkedIn space but allowing at the same for a proper exchange of business leads.

So, in order to get featured on LinkedIn with your product/service, you need to:

1. create an account here, on friendsofromania.info

2. submit a new post with all the details of your ad, including a representative picture

3. wait until it’s reviewed and approved. We will not publish more than 2 posts per member, per week.

2 Responses to Promote your business here

  1. Sorin Ionescu

    My business is to promote other people businesses.

    To understand the MasterMind in Business Networking
    marketing concept, that we use to leverage your promotion
    results and your Net Promoter Score, you can write me
    few words by email or more simply call me.

    We fully admit that the good profits generate the growth of any company!
    Do you?

    You also can register for our next meeting un Bucharest:

    • Sorin, once you are logged in here, you should be able to submit a post, instead of a comment. That way, once approved, your post will go through the RSS feed to the LinkedIn group. For this one I will submit a post for you with the text, but please make a try at submiting a post as well and help me confirm it works ok 😉

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