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A sister site: Inspired by Romania

I am writing to let you know there’s ¬†sister site, Inspired by Romania, where i am inviting you all to contribute and share. The website is dedicate to identifying and sharing good Romanian related resources that inspire you in liking, if not loving Romania. The […] more

Minor website issues

We are having some minor layout issues generated by our theme, so if you’re into wordpress and you want to suggest a stylish keep-it-simple magazine theme, you are most welcome to do so. more

Why not blog here yourself

“FOR” invites you to join by creating an account. Once you are registered as a member you may contact us using the website features to request a new blog to be created. Your blog will be available with its individual address such as share […] more

Hello FOR!

Welcome to¬† Friends of Romania is a LinkedIn open group for all users that seek to network or make connections with people interested in Romania and Romanian connections. It is a group for Romanian citizens but also non-citizens that are somehow linked to Romania, enabling […] more

Reinstall and full restart.

We’ve reinstalled the infrastructure for the website portal and we’re restarting with the full content. Look forward to interesting developments… more